Spring clean your favourite items to start the season fresh

Spring is almost upon us and with every extra minute of daylight in the evenings, we’re feeling better and better. But can you say the same for your favourite belongings?

Read on for expert tips to spring clean your leather, fabric, canvas, suede, and wood items this season to freshen up your act.

How to spring clean leather items

Leather is a long-lasting and hardworking material and a little TLC goes a long way. So, how do you take care of your leather belongings to repair scratches, fix blemishes, and restore colour?

Pick up a Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Kit and use it on all types of leather.

The kit comes with two lint-free cloths and is made from all-natural ingredients giving you the power to revive and refresh your leather items effectively without harsh chemicals.

Suitable for use in your home, car and on your treasured leather items, it’s all you need to create a tough barrier against dirt and grime the kind way.

To condition and restore the former glory of leather car seats, sofas and jackets, grab a bottle of The Leather Clinic Leather Reviver. Formulated using natural oils, it’s a speedy and safe solution to bring your lovely leather back to life.

Plus, it works brilliantly to polish leather items too.

Apply your Leather Reviver every three to four months to maximise the lifespan of your leather!

Spring clean fabric and canvas

Fabrics feeling a little unloved?

Spring is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your belongings and give them the care they crave to last longer.

For fabric and canvas items like soft-top convertible roofs, tents and trainers check out the Simply Canvas Deep Cleaner with Cleaning Brush. This nifty combo gets right into the fibres to banish dirt and restore your canvas and fabric items.

The Tampico brush is strong enough to conquer any blemishes and bacteria!

Top tip – use the Canvas Deep Cleaner to prepare your fabrics and canvases before using a colourant. It will allow the dye to penetrate the material more effectively for a stronger result.

Browse our selection of care products

With a bit of care, most of your beloved items can spring back to life, saving you the cost and environmental impact of buying new.

Browse our selection of leather care products, suede cleaners, canvas repair kits and wood treatment solutions online to find the right products for the job.

Plus, check out our easy user guides to all of our top products to make maintaining your favourite items simple and successful.

Removing mould from soft and hard surfaces

Picked up some unsightly mould on your canvas items? Not a problem with the Simply Mould Remover.

Perfect for canvas, leather, cloth and wood, its natural formula allows you to eradicate stains and odours in 15 minutes and it stops mould from reappearing in the area too.

£8.95£16.95 inc VAT

Suede spring cleaning products

Cleaning your suede is as easy-breezy as a fresh spring day with the Leather Clinic Suede and Nubuck Cleaner.

Perfect for suede shoes, boots, jackets and more. This hardworking hero is made from natural ingredients, so it’s kind to your items and the planet.

Plus, it comes with a wire brush and lint-free cloth to make revitalising your suede items simple and effective.

Top tip – we recommend using this suede cleaner every three to four months to make your footwear and furnishings look pristine for longer.