Painting leather – why is everyone going crazy for it?

It may surprise you to learn that leather is one of man’s earliest discoveries. In fact, leather artefacts were discovered in Egyptian tombs dating back as far as 5000 B.C! So, why is painting leather having a moment right now?

Why do people choose leather as a material?

Leather is a natural fibre, meaning it is breathable, but it is also extremely tough! You’ve probably heard of the expression “as tough as old boots”. This is because leather is very difficult to wear out. As a result it has become a popular material for items that need to be hard-wearing, such as shoes, sofas, riding saddles and motorbike leathers.

Leather is also expensive. So, as we are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impacts of human consumer behaviour, it has become popular to renew, repair and recycle items before sending them to landfill.

What is painting leather all about?

leather chair painted different coloursWith leather products lasting for decades and outliving each emerging colour trend, suddenly you may find the olive-green sofa you bought a decade ago is no longer in fashion! Perhaps that vintage Chanel handbag from the Seventies that you loved so much is still in your wardrobe. Yet its canary yellow exterior doesn’t quite match up to your fashion expectations of the modern-day era!

Understandably, both from a cost and environmental perspective, simply chucking out your leather items isn’t particularly appealing. That’s why so many people are opting to paint their leather in a new colour to give it a new lease of life!

image of painted leather chairs before and afterPainting leather is a popular choice. Why? Because anyone can do it without any special tools or skills. In fact, you can achieve a complete transformation in a few hours for as little as £15.95 with our Complete Colour Coat Kit .

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Painting leather sofas and chairs is a popular trend far in 2021, with some customers getting really creative with multicoloured patchwork leather chair painting!


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