Introducing The Leather Clinic… Your natural choice for restoring leather products

By choosing real leather for your clothing, furniture, or car interior, you’ve made a sustainable choice. Now, you can care for your leather more naturally than ever, using our premium range of The Leather Clinic care products.

What are natural leather restoration products?

Our premium leather products contain natural ingredients, making them kinder to you, your loved ones, and the environment.

Of course, as The Leather Clinic team are experts in leather care, we never compromise on quality.

So, when you choose to refresh your leather clothes, furniture, car seats and more with our premium leather range, you can expect outstanding results every time.

As with all our products, our natural leather care range is easy to use and delivers a long-lasting finish that allows you to enjoy your leather for longer.

Why choose natural leather care products?

When formulating effective leather care products for our premium range, we’ve chosen natural, non-toxic ingredients that enable you to achieve that exceptional while living a sustainable lifestyle. Perfect for use on your genuine, faux or vinyl leather items.

All-natural leather care product benefits include:

  • Kinder to you – you and your loved ones come into close contact with your leather items, so we don’t use any harsh chemicals that can impact your health or leave behind a toxic residue
  • Gentler to animals – our natural leather care products are perfect for riding saddles, and we know your beloved pets touch your furniture, clothes, and car seats – so, we only choose toxin-free ingredients that leave no harmful residues to keep your four-legged friends healthy and happy
  • Better for the environment – by avoiding unsafe chemicals in our products, you can protect leather naturally and do your bit for the environment
  • Long-lasting – a little goes a long way, so choosing our leather products allows you to reduce the amount of packaging you use, which means less waste polluting seas and going to landfill.
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Leather Repair Kit

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The Leather Clinic

The Leather Clinic Suede Dye

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Which products can I choose to restore leather naturally?

Shop online with The Leather Clinic for naturally amazing leather care products, including:

  • Suede Cleaner
  • Leather Colour Restorer
  • Leather Filler
  • Leather Reviver

Picking up these products enables you to preserve the natural beauty of your leather, preventing it from drying out, fading, or cracking. With natural fragrances and colour-safe formulas, you enjoy spectacular results every time, allowing you to benefit from the luxurious look and feel of leather for longer.

The Leather Clinic harnesses the power of nature to create products that cover all your leather care needs. We’re here to help you bring your leather back to life – check out our guides and tutorials for support making the most of your products or contact us on 01253 584137 or with your questions.

Make the right choice for your family, pets, and the planet by choosing our natural leather care products. Your clothes, shoes, furniture, and car will receive the VIP treatment, and you’ll be making a positive impact on the world we live in.