How to recolour your leather handbag

Recolouring a leather handbag can be a fun and creative project to breathe new life into an old accessory. Here is a five steps guide to help you through the process from The Scratch Doctor.

  • Alcohol Cleaner
  • Leather Prep
  • Leather Colourant
  • Leather Finish
  • Sponges/Applicator
  • Lint free cloths
  • Gloves
  • Old newspaper or plastic sheet (to protect your work area) not included
  • Masking tape (optional) not included

The above materials can be found in our Full Leather Recolouring Kit (unless stated not included)

Step 1 Prepare Your Workspace:

Start by setting up a clean and well-ventilated workspace. Lay down your newspapers or a plastic sheet to protect the area. Make sure you are away from direct sunlight or any heat source as this can cause the dye or paint to dry too quickly.

Step 2 Cleaning the Handbag:

Using The Scratch Doctor Alcohol Cleaner apply to a lint free cloth gently cleaning the handbag using circular motions. This will wipe away any dirt, oils or residue that may be on the leather surface. Allow it to dry completely.

Step 3 Prepping the Handbag:

Using a lint free cloth gently wipe The Scratch Doctor Leather Prep over the bag.  This will start to remove the original colourant so you will know its working when you see the colourant being transferred onto the cloth.

Step 4 Applying the Colour:

You can if you wish tape off any zips, buttons, clasps etc with some masking tape to protect them. Pour The Scratch Doctor Leather Colourant into a plastic container and using your sponge apply a small amount of colourant to the leather handbag paying particular attention not to overload the sponge. If you have ‘frothing’ then you are applying too much colourant. Once you have applied your first coat, leave to dry. You can speed up this process with a hairdryer on a medium heat.  Apply more coats using the same process until you are happy with the coverage.

Step 5 Sealant:

Once you are satisfied with the colour, allow the handbag to dry as directed. After it’s completely dry, apply The Scratch Doctor Leather Sealant, this protects the new colour. Pour the sealant into a plastic container and dab very thinly using a sponge.  This comes in a satin, matte or gloss finish and will protect the bag from everyday elements and fading.

Once your handbag is finished we recommend cleaning and conditioning every 3-4 months to maintain its beauty and longevity with The Scratch Doctor Cleaning and Conditioning set.