How to care for leather, canvas, and outdoor furniture in winter

During winter, taking care of your leather, suede and canvas belongings may slip well down your priority list as festivities take over your everyday life.

However, a little care goes a long way towards keeping your items protected against the elements. So, to avoid expensive repairs or replacing items further down the lane, follow our tips for looking after your fabrics in winter.

Winter weather takes its toll on leather clothing, and your best boots are likely to suffer a bashing in colder climes. Cold weather can cause the leather to crack, while snow and salt can ruin them beyond repair.

Before any damage occurs, it’s smart to prepare your leather boots, jackets and other items for the winter.

Pick up a leather cleaner and conditioner kit online to treat your leather clothing and protect it against the elements.

A good leather conditioner creates a tough barrier against the dirt and grime that circulate during bad weather when applied correctly.

For best results, always keep your leather clean and use a waterproof seal every week for items you wear or use regularly.

Looking after canvas products like tents, summer trainers, outdoor furniture, or the soft top of your convertible car may feel like a chore at this time of year.

However, if you choose the right products it only takes a few minutes to preserve your canvas items – and your summer self will thank you!

You need an effective canvas cleaner to remove dirt and bacteria that builds up on canvas products – use with a clean Tampico brush to budge grime and give a really effective finish.

If you’ve put away any canvas items damp and mould has developed, don’t panic. Investing in a mould remover will clean away stains and odours and remove bacteria from the surface.

In fact, our mould remover is a real all-rounder suitable for all fabric and leather items, so you can keep it in your kit for a multitude of clean-up jobs.

Suede clothing keeps us cosy as temperatures drop, but rain, sleet and snow run the risk of ruining your beloved gear without a little TLC.

Generally speaking, snow and rain won’t completely wreck your suede or nubuck clothing or footwear, but you do need to take good care of them if you want them to see you through the colder seasons.

To protect your suede clothing and other items from unpredictable weather conditions, it’s wise to grab a suede care kit.

Designed to remove dirt, stains, and water damage, an effective suede care kit will clean and protect all your suede products, especially suede shoes and boots.

Our suede care kit includes a suede cleaner, suede protector, and cleaning brush so that you can restore all your stuff to its original condition in a matter of minutes.

We recommend using your suede care kit regularly over winter to make sure your belongings are prepped for the elements and last you longer.

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