How to care for antique leather

Vintage leather brings a timeless style to your home, but how do you keep ageing leather looking beautiful? Read on to discover everything you need to know about cleaning, recolouring and protecting your antique leather, so it’s the pride of your home.

Five reasons to choose vintage leather furniture

  1. It gets better with age – good quality leather improves over the years, so it looks even better once it’s vintage.
  2. Find a unique piece – choosing antique leather sofas and chairs brings a unique style to your home and you’ll know it won’t be identical to your neighbour’s.
  3. It holds its value – your leather sofa won’t depreciate over time providing the leather is high quality – instead, it will hold or even improve in value.
  4. Super-soft – your vintage leather sofa will be super-soft and comfortable after years of care and consideration, making it the perfect place to settle in and relax.
  5. Sustainable – second-hand furniture is a sustainable choice, as it reduces the amount of new furniture in circulation and ultimately in landfill, so you’re making a fantastic decision for your home and the environment.

How can I protect my vintage leather furniture?

Your antique leather furniture features a two-tone patina – a lighter base coat and a darker top coat. This combination is what gives your leather its distinctive, vintage look.

When caring for your vintage leather pieces, it’s vital to consider both layers to protect the beauty and longevity of your furniture.

Pick up our The Leather Clinic Antique Leather Recolouring Kit to maintain your leather for longer.

The kit comes in four specialised antique colours, so it’s an essential item for anyone who loves the look of vintage leather.

Plus, if none of the colours match your furniture, you can take advantage of our colour matching service to find an exact match.

Three reasons to choose our Antique Leather Recolouring Kit

Do a thorough job that lastsOur Antique Leather Recolouring Kit includes 1 litre of base coat in your chosen colour and 500ml of topcoat.

This means you’ll recolour and restore both layers of your two-tone vintage leather furniture to ensure it’s thoroughly cleaned and protected for years to come.

Save moneyAchieve professional results at a fraction of the cost of other repair services when you pick up an Antique Leather Recolouring Kit.

Easy to useWith clear, easy-to-follow instructions, the kit is straightforward to use, so you can transform your Chesterfield confidently and successfully.

How much product do I need to restore my furniture?

The Antique Leather Recolouring Kit contains enough product to fully restore a three-seater leather sofa.

So, if you’re restoring a piece of leather furniture of this size or smaller, you’ll have more than enough product to complete the job.

How do I recolour my antique leather sofa?

Following the simple instructions in your kit, it’s never been easier to restore your vintage leather sofa.

Before you apply the product, check for cracks and rips. If you find any, repair them first using our leather filler.

Next, clean the leather using the alcohol cleaner and leather prep solution from your kit.

Then, apply the base coat using one of the sponges from your kit, ensuring you spread it evenly and cover all the seams.

You’ll need two to three coats of this, making sure each coat is dry before you apply the next one.

Finally, apply the topcoat using a spray gun. To maintain the two-tone finish of your antique leather, only apply the top coat to the buttonholes and folds.

When it’s dry, add the leather sealant from your kit to complete the job.

Where to buy antique leather recolouring products online

We stock a complete range of leather cleaning, recolouring and repairing products online to help you keep your antique leather sofa in spectacular condition, so it remains the star of your home for decades.

Buy your Antique Leather Recolouring Kit here.