The recolouring balm/restorer didn’t work on my leather?

Did you conduct the suitability test prior to purchase? To test your leather for suitability, please apply a small drop of water onto the repair area and see if it soaks in.

If your leather is not absorbent, the recolouring balm is not suitable for your leather. The product you require is our All In One Leather Colourant as this is for non absorbent leather.

Can I use the fabric dye on my sofa/bag/chair/etc?

Our fabric dye is micro fibre reactive meaning it penetrates the fabric and cures to the fibres. This ensures great results and after 72 hours is completely colour fast. For the best results, our Fabric Dye is best suited to natural materials or high natural hybrid materials. Please refer to the label on the item to see its material type.

Are your products safe?

All of our core products are safe and made using green/eco methods. Using a polyurethane base, with pigments and sealant. No harmful chemicals are present. Our enamel range, leather prep, alcohol cleaner and degreaser are chemical based and all have relevant safety data on the labels.

Can you tell me the colour of my car leather?

Can you please provide your full 17 digit VIN number, this can be found from one of the following:

Please note, we can only search for the following vehicles. BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Volvo, Lexus & Toyota. If it is not one of those vehicles lease contact your local dealership with your VIN and they can inform you of the colour code.

Can you ship abroad?

We offer international shipping on all orders. Please be aware we have restricted products that can’t be dispatched internationally due to them containing hazardous materials.