Looking for a specific car manufacturer’s leather colour code or something more bespoke to match your decor? Scratch Doctor’s Colour Matching Service will find the exact colour match tailored to your needs. Using modern colour match techniques, our highly trained team of experts are able to match the colour of any leather item. We will match and mix the formula for your chosen product as well as letting you know the specific RAL colour code for your future reference.


Prices are based on £19.95 standard fee for the Colour Matching Service plus the cost of a one litre bottle of finished product.

Leather Colourant

1 Litre + Colour MatchApply with a sponge or by spray for a uniform finish that keeps the leather soft and supple. For best results, use a Leather Finish afterwards to seal in the colour.

All in One Leather Colourant

1 Litre + Colour MatchLeather Colourant with a built-in Satin Finish for beautifully maintained colour all in one solution.


We require a swatch sample of your leather to complete the colour matching process. Once you have placed your order, please send a leather swatch sample (minimum size 3cm x 3cm) to our main offices and include the following details:

  • Name
  • Order Number
  • Full Address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Description of the sample and any other information you think we may require
  • Your colour code, if you already know it.

Please send your swatch sample to: Colour Matching Service,The Scratch Doctor,Brinwell Road,Blackpool,FY4 4QU.If you already know your RAL colour code and don’t need to send us a sample, please leave a note with your purchase to tell us which colour you require.

Please Note: We can not provide a Colour Matching Service for Two Tone Leather.
Two Tone Leather is a peak and trough style leather. If it’s two tone the leather has a darker shade higher up and a lighter shade lower down which give it its pattern. If a colourant is applied to two tone leather it will cover the high and low point meaning both colours will be turned into a single colour and will ruin the pattern. If you have Two Tone Leather it is best to contact your local leather repair specialist for advice.

T&Cs: Please allow 7 working days from the day we receive your swatch sample to match, mix and send the finished product. Your colour matched product will be sent on a next day delivery service as soon as it ready. If, for any reason, we can not match your colour, you will receive a full refund. For any support or more info please email sales@thescratchdoctor.co.uk or call +44 (0)1253 584 137