How to do an absorbency test on leather

Using products to refresh and restore the condition of your leather items is a great way to maintain the look you love for longer. Before treating your leather, it’s smart to do an absorbency test to find out which product is right for your needs. It’s quick and can avoid damage – read on to find out how to test your leather’s absorbency in three easy steps.

Why do I need to test the absorbency of my leather?

Different kinds of leather have varying levels of absorbency, depending on their condition, finish, and how they’ve been treated. The more absorbent your leather is, the more sensitive it is.We always advise you to perform a quick check to see how absorbent your leather is before applying products to it, as this will help you to determine how easy it will be to clean and which products will work best.

How long does it take to do an absorbency test on leather items?

Carrying out the absorbency test is fast and easy – it will only take you a few minutes.

How do I test my leather’s absorbency levels? 

Here’s how to carry out a leather absorbency test in three simple steps.

  1. Apply a small drop of water to your leather in an undamaged area
  2. Gently rub the water in using your finger
  3. Wait 30 seconds.

If the leather turns darker and the water is absorbed within 30 seconds, your leather is absorbent.If the water sits on the surface and doesn’t soak in after 30 seconds is up, your leather is non-absorbent.

Which products are best for refreshing absorbent leather?

Once you’ve performed your absorbency test, you’ll know if your leather is absorbent or not.If it is absorbent, choose from products like The Scratch Doctor’s Protect & Nourish Conditioner or the Leather Colour Restorer.

Which products are best for refreshing non-absorbent leather?

After you’ve waited 30 seconds, you may be left with water sitting on the surface of your leather. If that happened to you, this means your leather is non-absorbent.There are products to restore every kind of leather, so you can find the right solution to bring your leather back to its former glory.To revitalise non-absorbent leather, we recommend The Scratch Doctor’s All in One Leather Colourant or the

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