A Halloween to DYE for – create a freakishly unique costume in six simple steps

Scary season is here, so let’s turn it into a Halloween to DYE for! Not only can you sink your claws into our Fabric Dye pack, but you can also download FREE Halloween stencils to create a devilishly different costume that makes your friends green with envy.

Choose from pumpkin, bat, cat, and ghost templates and prepare to bring spooky creatures and characters to life on your very own garments.

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The Scratch Doctor Fabric Dye Pack

Turn everyday ensembles into the freakiest fits with our Fabric Dye Pack.We’ve combined our spookiest Liquid Fabric Dyes into one handy set, so you can create a scarily original outfit that will see you through fright night in style. You can apply the fabric dyes directly onto your clothes using a brush or sponge, or you can submerge the fabric into a mixture of water and dye.

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How to tie-dye your clothes using Scratch Doctor Fabric Dye

Tie-dyeing your own Halloween costume is super simple, and you can do it without any special equipment.

All you need is our Fabric Dye pack, a bowl of water and some clothing. Cotton works best, but any natural fibre – like linen, silk, or wool – is also prime for tie-dyeing. Follow our ghoul-proof steps to tie-dye your clothes to create a freakishly unique trick or treat costume!

  1. Choose the clothes you want to tie-dye and pick out a colour from your Fabric Dye Pack
  2. Mix your Fabric Dye with warm water
  3. Crumple up your clothes and tie them with string or rubber bands to form a pattern
  4. Submerge your clothing into the water and dye mixture
  5. Leave your clothes to dry out
  6. Rinse, then wash your clothes. And prepare to scare!

How to use our free Halloween stencils on clothing

Transform old clothes into spooktacular threads using our scary stencils – they’re totally free and work perfectly with Scratch Doctor’s Fabric Dye Pack.

Simply download your chosen stencil – choose from a bat, cat, pumpkin, or ghost – then cut it out neatly using sharp scissors. Then, apply the fabric dye directly onto the clothing using a brush or sponge, carefully using the stencil to create your chosen design onto the surface of your garment. Leave it to dry before wearing, and hey presto! Your one-of-a-kind Halloween outfit is ready for you to terrify your neighbours into parting with their sweetest treats! Buy your Fabric Dye Pack here – and don’t forget to tag us in your bloodcurdling creations on social media!